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task master light bulb 620w

Task Master 620W Bulb


  • Watts: 620
  • Volts: 120
  • Lumens: 10,500
  • Type: PS40
  • Base: MOG PREF
  • MOL: 10.0625″
  • Lamp Life: 5,500 Hours
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Made In: Mexico

Crystal Clear Hard Glass Envelope

We use soda lime glass, which offers maximum clarity and means our bulbs aren’t cloudy like other bulbs. Soda lime glass also allows for a high degree of thickness contol, while minimizing ring molds.Weather-resistant hard glass stands up to rain, sleet, snow, physical, impact and thermal shock.

Krypton Fill-Gas

Krypton burns brighter and cooler than Argon.

Rugged Filament & Design

We use the toughest, most rugged C-7A tungsten filaments, designed to withstand physical shock and vibration that would shatter ordinary filaments. In fact, they’re subjected to the same rigorous testing as equipment on U.S. Naval vessels, and 99% of our lamps withstood a force exceeding 7G,  easily surpassing any punishment they’ll withstand in a traffic signal or on a tower. They’re supported at nine different points and designed to project optimum beam pattern and thus eliminate the center dead spot.

Special Lead Wire Supports

Two additional supports add strength to the filament mount and assure proper alignment of the lead wires and the spring steel arbor.

Spring Steel Arbor

Sturdy spring steel arbor provides maximum resilience to withstand bulb-killing shock and vibration.

2 Wrapped Lead Wires

Both lead wires are individually warpped in protective fiberglass sleeves to prevent “arcing”.

Built-In Reflector Disk

Specially designed mica reflector disk, held securely in place by sturdy wire braces, redirects otherwise lost light and protects base and socket from intense bulb heat.The polished aluminum reflector diskredirects light and protects the base from intense heat

Nickel-Plated Brass Base

The mogul prefocus nickel-plated brass base assures positive contact and automatically positions the filament for maximum visibility. And it won’t corrode or “freeze” in the socket, even after thousands of hours of use.

5,500 hour life. One Year Free Replacement Warranty: No questions asked.

Long lamp life saves on maintenance and replacement costs, and reduces bulb-changing operations at precarious heights. And if a bulb burns out before one year, we’ll replace it for you, no questions asked.

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