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Fieldsense Personal RF Monitor

The fieldSENSE is a personal RF monitor designed specifically for the mobile industry. It is robust, reliable, intuitive and cost effective, and could be issued to all technical personnel working near mobile telecommunication antennas.

EMF Safety & Workflow
Increasing BTS complexity, and revenue loss associated with downtime, may add to the operational pressure under which RF workers perform, and may in turn lead them to inadvertently taking unnecessary risks with EMF overexposure.  The fieldSENSE Occupational RF Monitor enables RF workers to reduce this risk of overexposure, not only under known conditions such as a BTS facility controlled by a familiar operator, but also in more complex environments where multiple operators share the platform and where some of the network administrators are unreachable.

The fieldSENSE Occupational is designed for all RF workers, and for network operators wishing to reduce the EMF overexposure risks on and around their BTS sites. It is manageable enough to be included in on-site safety kits located at each BTS site.
The device features a durable design intended for everyday use, and is compact enough to fit easily into the pocket of the user. A single button toggles between user modes and power-on/off. The display and processing of measured data is limited to that which is required to make informed on-site decisions and take necessary precautions. The rubbery outer sleeve offers improved grip and protects the fieldSENSE against mechanical shock and impact. A lanyard can be used to secure the field SENSE around the wrist of the user and thus minimize the risk of dropping the device. A standard tripod socket at the bottom can be used to mount the fieldSENSE on a tripod when used in monitor mode.

The fieldSENSE Occupational is calibrated to ICNIRP reference levels, and operates in all bands commonly used for mobile telecommunications.

• Affordabe, accurate, reliable and robust
• Pinpoint and monitor active and idle antennas
• Single button, easy operation
• Bright LEDs for good visibility in full sunlight
• Loud audio warning in case of EMF overexposure danger
• Calibrated to ICNIRP Occupational limits
• Frequency coverage includes all major BTS bands
• Wide level indicator range, 5% to 250%

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