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red electric ignition system ez lite

EZ Lite Remote Electric Ignition System

thermOweld’s EZ Lite Remote® is the latest technological advance for thermOweld® exothermic products and the entire industry! For over 50 years, thermOweld® has been developing and inventing products and practical solutions that have become “The Contractor’s Choice” worldwide. With our patented EZ Lite Remote®, the contractor, installer and distributor has versatility and ease-of-use in hand. Use your existing thermOweld® EZ Lite® molds and weld metal you have today in your truck, at the jobsite or on your shelf!

● Use your Flint ignitor or the EZ Lite Remote® and never be stuck out on the job !
● Have 100% confidence that you will get your connections done when you want !
● Never worry about product obsolescence or dead inventory issues !
● Get it all only from thermOweld® !
● Reliable patented ignitor – 100% guarantee to ignite.
● No starting material needed.
● Use with existing thermOweld EZ Lite® molds and weld metal.
● Triple convenience features – EZ Lite® top light, side vent molds + remote option + famous
standard thermOweld® weld metal reliability.
● Quick ignite – no waiting, no guessing.
● Replaceable Alkaline “D” batteries available everywhere give 100’s of connections.
● Built-in Battery Life Indicator.
● Separate On/Off and Operate buttons.
● Standard six foot heat-resistant cord and connector; optional lengths available.

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